Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

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In today’s world, the lesser hair, the better. Of course, an exception to this is the hair on your head. However, when it comes to underarm hair, facial hair, or leg hair, people flock to purchase shaving razors, they avail for waxing sessions or even personally wax themselves at home, and now, they are willing to spend on laser hair removal treatments.

Hair Removal Through Laser

Apparently, lasers are not just used as lights for Christmas (and if you do use laser lights, do check out this laser setup guide) or club lights,

A common laser treatment nowadays is laser hair removal. This cosmetic procedure makes use of highly concentrated light to target hair follicles. Since the follicle’s pigment absorbs the light, this destroys the hair.

There may be several types of laser treatments for hair removal, the following are two of the most common types of treatment for hair removal using laser or light.

  • Diode Laser – This type of treatment may treat large areas; it is most effective on skin with darker pigmentation. However, it does not work best for finer or lighter hair.
  • Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) – Although IPLs are not exactly lasers, they function similarly.

How to Prepare

Undergoing a laser treatment for hair removal requires a few preparations such as the following:

  • Go through your medical history and determine if there is anything in your history that might prevent you from pushing through with the treatment.
  • Look into the risks that the treatment will expose you to. Furthermore, know what to expect during and after the treatment.
  • Your doctor might require you to avoid waxing, plucking, or electrolysis as these may disturb hair follicles and will cause disturbance with the laser treatment as well.

You may also check out this guide on which parts of the body deserve a laser treatment.

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  • The procedure is fast. Lasers may target many hairs at the same time. For every second, it may treat an area of the size of a quarter. Hence, smaller areas will also be faster to treat. For instance, upper lip hair removal may only take a few minutes or less whereas legs may take an hour.
  • The hair that regrows are much lighter and finer compared to that of when you wax or shave.
  • Laser treatments, in general, are well regarded for their precision. The target area is the only area that will be treated; other areas would not be disturbed with the use of laser.
  • Laser treatments, although not 100% painless, will give off tolerable discomfort. However, this may vary according the type of laser treatment.


  • With laser hair removal, you may need to have several treatments before permanently achieving a hairless look.
  • Contrary to the expectation of a complete stop of hair growth, hair regrowth may actually occur for some people although the hair regrowth is much finer.
  • Hair laser removal treatments may also expose you to skin burns or skin irritation and other discomfort.
  • This treatment can be quite expensive since it offers a permanent solution. Any treatment involving the use of laser is usually costly.
  • Laser treatment does not mean you can escape from ingrown hairs as well although it’s not that common of an effect.
  • Crusting or scab formation may also be a possible effect for some.