Knowing the Different Kratom Strains and its Uses

Kratom has already penetrated the world market in such a short time. People from all over the globe are gradually discovering the health benefits of this herb. As health news says, it has become the leading alternative to marijuana which is currently categorized as a dangerous substance.

As you already know, reports say that kratom is a potent sedative and stimulant. According to studies, the leaf is native to Southeast Asia and some parts of South Asia wherein the locals have been using the pain relief properties of the herb for many years. Aside from treating chronic pains, it supports energy production, improves mood, and sociability.

Introducing Kratom Strains

Did you know that there are different types of kratom?

For beginners, you are probably hearing this for the first time. One thing you must know about this herb is it comes various strains wherein each of them has unique strengths and effects. Each strain originated from the place it is grown. The differences in climate and environment are said to have the highest impact on the strengths of kratom strains.

Kratom is not only categorized by strain, but the vein color also differentiates the effects of the herb. The unique chemical composition causes the vein colors to appear differently in every strain. For example, Maeng Da yellow and red vein strains are powerful sedatives. Meanwhile, the Maeng Da green and white variant is potent stimulants.

So, are you ready to find out more about the different kratom strains? Check it out below!

Maeng Da

This kratom strain is one of the strongest variants. It has a high concentration of mitragynine, unlike other strains that have a lower percentage of this compound.

The Maeng Da is an incredible stimulant. With the right blend and dosage, it supports in producing energy, improves concentration, and enhances mood.

As you have read from above, Maeng Da is divided into different variants. To find out more about this, go to Kratom IQ.

Indo Kratom

The Indi Kratom is one of the most popular strains of this herb in the market. As the name suggests, the plant came from Indonesia wherein locals have been growing this herb for thousands of years.

Indo Kratom is excellent for pain relief, fights effects of opioid withdrawal, lifts mood, and an effective sedative. This herb also has different variants. Here it is.

  • Super Indo- for pain killing and relaxation
  • Red Vein Indo- a powerful analgesic and sedative
  • White Vein Indo- for easing chronic pain and mood booster

Thai Kratom

Another popular kratom strain is the Thai variant. This herb contains a high percentage of alkaloids, particularly mitragynine. This type of kratom is a good option for treating fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress. It features mood enhancing properties as well as pain-killing effects.

Here are the different strains of Thai Kratom in the market.

  • White Vein Thai- has euphoric effects, higher confidence, and energy booster
  • Red Vein Thai- for opiate withdrawal and pain relief

Last Reminder

Remember that you need to take the recommended dosage to earn the effects of a specific kratom strain. You can go to Kratom IQ to find out additional details on how to use this herb. Also, this source contains info on different kratom forms and where to find them.