Bear Defense 101 – How to Stay Safe?

Adventurous people enjoy traveling the wild. It’s only natural to do activities which suit your tastes but safety measures need to be taken first. Bears are one of the most common animals of the wild which attack humans. Most areas where they are located, warning have been placed. Now, it’s up to those adventure lovers out there to keep themselves safe.  The following measures would come in handy to prevent or during a bear attack.

Remaining Calm

Bears are species that react negatively to the commotion. It is best to stay calm in these situations. Do not make any sudden movements. Do not try to run away as bears are good chasers. They will attack you because they might find your actions to be threatening. Try to speak in a low and humble voice to the bear and slowly back away. Back out only in circumstances when there is enough distance between you and the bear.

Carrying Pepper Spray

We assume you will be carrying proper equipment to ward off the bear if it shows up. Although it is best to escape after you shoot the predator with a firearm because chances of escape are easier, harming the wildlife is wrong. Then it is better to keep a pepper spray at hand. Remember to only use this when you have put some distance between yourself and the bear. This measure should only be taken in cases if the bear is trying to hurt you without you provoking it.

Climb to Higher Places

After backing out from a bear’s either defensive or predatory attack, it is best to find a high place to climb. This way you will be out of the bear’s line of site. Recommended places are tall trees or high cliffs. If the bear can not find you in a certain amount of time, it will eventually leave.

Frighten the Bear

This tactic should only be used when there is predatory attack otherwise it should not be in your options. Carry deterrents like noisemakers and scare the bear. Stand on rocks and make yourself look intimidating. Jump up and down and scream. Your pepper spray would also come in handy here. After the bear starts taking any protective measures, you should escape to high places as mentioned above.

Playing Dead

This may be a clichéd technique but it will work in situations where the bear may be attacking to defend itself. This basically means to show yourself harmless to the predator. Pause all your movements and remain still until the bear analysis the status of your body and leaves. You should not suddenly move otherwise you will offend the bear. Remember to not use this method if there is a predatory attack from the bear.

Appropriate outfit

Your outfit should be fully covered, not revealing any flesh. No deodorants or perfumes should be applied as the bears have a strong sense of smell. They would react to the smell.  You should easily be able to move in your clothes as you might need to run.

Alternative Form of Medicine: 10 Interesting Facts About Acupuncture

how does acupuncture work

Acupuncture is nothing new; we’ve all heard about this needle-poking technique. Unfortunately, what we hear are mostly misconceptions and myths about this alternative form of medicine. And so, in order to get to know about acupuncture, let’s stick with facts from now on.

Acupuncture Facts

  • Acupuncture is considered to be one of the oldest forms of healing techniques. It is estimated to have been used in China as early as 300 BC; this contention is supported by an ancient treatise on health and disease believed to be written by China’s emperor Huangdi.
  • Back in the days, the needles were made out of bamboo, stones, bones, silver or gold. It is safe to assume, therefore, that these needles were not as fine as the needles used in this form of medicine today; hence, old acupuncture inflicted more pain and was less sanitary.
  • Acupuncture, today, uses disposable stainless steel needles which are extremely fine to the extent that it is compared with a strand of human hair. It is important to note, however, that different parts of the body entail different sizes of needle. Still, these needles are much finer than ancient needles and thus, they are almost painless.
  • Acupuncture needles are used only once and it is disposed right after. These needles are well sterilized and pre-packaged as well.
  • Acupuncturist do not just learn the art of acupuncture overnight. In fact, it takes about three years to become a qualified acupuncturist.
  • Acupuncture’s popularity in the United States only began around the 1970s when a reporter, who experienced acupuncture in China, wrote about this form of medicine.
  • The World Health Organization actually recognizes acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating certain medical conditions.
  • No two individuals will ever undergo the same prescribed acupuncture treatment; this form of medicine is highly personalized. Hence, before being put under the needles, a thorough personal assessment of the patient is done.

effects of acupuncture

  • In both United States and Europe, acupuncture is the top most commonly used alternative and complementary medicine.
  • Although acupuncture inserts needles into the skin, these insertions are virtually painless. However, some people may still experience slight discomfort.
  • Studies found that acupuncture points are those areas of the body which have more electrical conductivity.
  • Other than treating different forms of body pain, acupuncture has also been found to treat digestive problems, menopausal problems, infertility, insomnia, fatigue, and lupus.
  • Some hospitals actually have acupuncturists as staff. Joint Commission requires accredited hospitals to provide treatment methods which are non-pharmacological and acupuncture is one of these methods.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in trying out acupuncture or if this alternative medicine is recommended for you instead of going for conventional medicine, laser therapies, or surgeries then do not hesitate to give it a chance.

You can easily research more about acupuncture through the internet. There are several websites, like that of, which you can visit to know more about acupuncture. You may even read online comments and feedback of those who have undergone this treatment; however, you should not make these as the sole basis for your decision on whether or not to give acupuncture a try. Giving it a try is always the best decision for you to know if acupuncture is or is not for you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

price for laser treatment

In today’s world, the lesser hair, the better. Of course, an exception to this is the hair on your head. However, when it comes to underarm hair, facial hair, or leg hair, people flock to purchase shaving razors, they avail for waxing sessions or even personally wax themselves at home, and now, they are willing to spend on laser hair removal treatments.

Hair Removal Through Laser

Apparently, lasers are not just used as lights for Christmas (and if you do use laser lights, do check out this laser setup guide) or club lights,

A common laser treatment nowadays is laser hair removal. This cosmetic procedure makes use of highly concentrated light to target hair follicles. Since the follicle’s pigment absorbs the light, this destroys the hair.

There may be several types of laser treatments for hair removal, the following are two of the most common types of treatment for hair removal using laser or light.

  • Diode Laser – This type of treatment may treat large areas; it is most effective on skin with darker pigmentation. However, it does not work best for finer or lighter hair.
  • Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) – Although IPLs are not exactly lasers, they function similarly.

How to Prepare

Undergoing a laser treatment for hair removal requires a few preparations such as the following:

  • Go through your medical history and determine if there is anything in your history that might prevent you from pushing through with the treatment.
  • Look into the risks that the treatment will expose you to. Furthermore, know what to expect during and after the treatment.
  • Your doctor might require you to avoid waxing, plucking, or electrolysis as these may disturb hair follicles and will cause disturbance with the laser treatment as well.

You may also check out this guide on which parts of the body deserve a laser treatment.

effects of laser treatment


  • The procedure is fast. Lasers may target many hairs at the same time. For every second, it may treat an area of the size of a quarter. Hence, smaller areas will also be faster to treat. For instance, upper lip hair removal may only take a few minutes or less whereas legs may take an hour.
  • The hair that regrows are much lighter and finer compared to that of when you wax or shave.
  • Laser treatments, in general, are well regarded for their precision. The target area is the only area that will be treated; other areas would not be disturbed with the use of laser.
  • Laser treatments, although not 100% painless, will give off tolerable discomfort. However, this may vary according the type of laser treatment.


  • With laser hair removal, you may need to have several treatments before permanently achieving a hairless look.
  • Contrary to the expectation of a complete stop of hair growth, hair regrowth may actually occur for some people although the hair regrowth is much finer.
  • Hair laser removal treatments may also expose you to skin burns or skin irritation and other discomfort.
  • This treatment can be quite expensive since it offers a permanent solution. Any treatment involving the use of laser is usually costly.
  • Laser treatment does not mean you can escape from ingrown hairs as well although it’s not that common of an effect.
  • Crusting or scab formation may also be a possible effect for some.

Tips in Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent For You

homes in liberty hill

Perhaps, you’re looking into family homes in Liberty Hill Ranch land or maybe, green homes in Texas, nonetheless, finding the perfect home for you and your family, one that is near your child’s school or dentist‘s clinic, entails finding the right agent as well. This requires the right credentials, methods, and even personality. Still, many question the necessity of a realtor. Do we really need to hire a real estate agent to find a home?

Hiring a Realtor

Although some will suggest that there is no need to do so, we highly encourage hiring a realtor. The biggest reason is the fact that these real estate agents have the right skills. Licensed realtors have the skills to help you save time, effort, and money in your journey of finding a new home. They’re one of the best negotiators in the industry since they take into account the financial capabilities of the client. Furthermore, realtors also study the market and they may be able to suggest better alternatives for you (e.g. why it’s better to buy than rent, etc.).

However, don’t just call and hire the first real estate agent you see in an advertisement. You’ll have to follow a few tips to ensure that you’re selecting the right person for you.

best homes ranch


  • Get Recommendations.

Whenever you’re hiring anyone to provide services for you, always get recommendations. It’s best if these recommendations come from people whom you can trust, family members or friends for example. Moreover, it’s also better if the ones who gave recommendations experienced the services first hand. However, if you receive no credible recommendations, you might as well do your own research.

  • Search online.

With the power of the internet, finding agents is easy as pie. Simply search the right keywords and put in your location; you’ll then see a list of those recommended for you.

  • Check out their website.

Once you have some agents in mind, do check out their websites. Check if the website looks legitimate and if it offers the necessary information you need. If possible, check for reviews and feedback as well as these will tell you what it will be like working with these people.

  • Contact them.

If you have some agents in mind, give them a call. Don’t limit yourself to contacting only 1 agent; give others, who seem promising, a call as well. You may arrange a face-to-face meeting with them or you may chat over the phone.

  • Check their experience.

Once you get the chance to talk to them, ask them about their experiences in the real estate industry. See for yourself how long they have been providing their services. Furthermore, make sure you hire someone who is licensed.

  • Check out the houses.

To determine if they are right for you, check the houses they offer. Ask yourself if you like any of the houses they’re selling or renting out. If there is nothing that meets your liking, move on to another agent.

  • Check if they’re working hard.

A busy agent is a sign that the agent has a lot of clients and therefore, is hardworking. However, you may also want to avoid realtors that are too busy to give you attention. Find someone who is in between.

  • Ask questions.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions; this is one way to test if your agent is truly knowledgeable and capable of giving you the right home.

Personal Injury: Cases You Can Handle and Misconceptions of an Attorney

assessment for personal injury claim

It’s not impossible to handle personal injury cases by yourself. Of course, this highly depends on the situation you’re caught in. From physical injuries to injuries inflicted through social media, personal injuries can range from offline to online. If most damages are quite minor and there’s not much quarrel between who’s to blame and who’s to pay, then you might be in for a personal ride of handling a case.

Handling a personal injury case will require you a couple of things, however. For one, you’ll have to learn about the basic processes of accident claims. You can read about how it works in your town through the use of the internet. Secondly, you’ll need to have a sense of organization especially when you’re handling documents, papers, evidences, etc. Lastly, you must be patient when dealing with the entire process. And if you’re able to do all of this without much problem, you might just be able to save some cash as you avoid attorney fees.

With that, here are some of the situations which you can usually handle by yourself, given that the situation does not disable you to do so.


  • Slip and Fall accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Cycle and Automobile accidents
  • Dealing with Defective Products

Take note that it’s common to handle these situations by yourself if and only if the accidents were not too complicated. That is, if there were no serious injuries or death involved. Furthermore, if the damages are not too rough on you and if you did not lose that much, handling it without an attorney would be plausible.

However, it definitely turns into a different case if we’re dealing with massive, permanent, or long-term damages such as those needing major operations, laser surgeries, etc. This becomes a much more complicated case.

In the cases such as those mentioned above, you might need to enlist the help of a legal professional such as Topeka personal injury attorney.

While it’s true that doing all of this personal injury process by yourself will help you save a lot, it’s also true that lawyers do make the processes much easier. More so, they make you confident of the idea that you will be compensated fairly. So, if you’re dealing with a complex case that involves stubborn insurance companies and people who are not willing to pay their liabilities, a personal attorney is definitely what you need.

It’s time to get rid of the common misconception that you’ll be simply given a check with the amount of money they owe you when you file a case. No, personal injury cases do not work that way. To give you an overview of how the process goes (with the help of a lawyer), check the timeline below.

what to do with personal injury case


  • You’ll need to deal with the court papers; this time you’ll learn about the basics of the case, the questions to be asked, the right answers, and other motions.
  • You’ll then obtain facts from the other party with regards to what truly happened; they will do the same from you as well.
  • Before a trial can start, some cases can easily be resolved through motions for dismissal.
  • And if both parties aren’t really looking into starting a trial, you can finish off the case by agreeing on a settlement.
  • If motions and settlements don’t work, a trial will begin.
  • After the trial, you’ll have to wait for the judgment.
  • Lastly, if you win the case, you’ll have to collect the compensation.

Dental Health 101: Recovery Tips for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

what is wisdom tooth

Getting your wisdom tooth or teeth removed is a very common dental adventure we all will experience at some point in time. Usually, people have their wisdom teeth removed in their teenage years or during their early adulthood years; still, our age does not take away the fear of undergoing an oral surgery.

For many people, the thought of gums getting opened up for tooth removal is insane. An oral surgery is definitely something we rarely or never look forward to. However, this dental procedure is inevitable. And so, it might be wiser for us to focus more on how to recover fast.

That being said, it’s best to get ourselves acquainted with some recovery tips we ought to know if we are going to undergo wisdom teeth extraction anytime soon.

Recovery Tips

  • Secure ice packs and gauze pads.

Swelling and bleeding are common and expected after the oral surgery. In order to minimize swelling, you will have to apply some ice packs on the outside of your mouth for the next 2 days. You may apply it intermittently; that is, applying it on your cheek for 20 minutes and removing it from your cheek for another 20 mins.

Right after the surgery, you must keep a gauze pad on the extraction site, for at least 30 minutes, since bleeding is expected to occur. Bite down gently on that gauze pad in order to soak up the bleeding.You may also use a moistened teabag as it is known to help in blood clotting.

  • Keep your head raised.

Aside from keeping an ice pack against your cheek to minimize swelling, you must also keep your head raised in order to keep fluids away from the extraction site.

  • Get plenty of rest.

An oral surgery is still a surgery, after all. Like any other surgeries, it’s important for you get lots and lots of rest after a wisdom tooth extraction. By getting plenty of rest, your recovery period will hasten.

ways to reduce swelling

  • Avoid heavy exercises.

As previously mentioned, it’s important for you get plenty of rest and that means no exercises for you. Don’t even think about lifting weights, doing jumping jacks or planking–those will all take a toll on you if you do them shortly after a surgery.

  • Limit the use of your mouth right after the surgery.

Basically, this means you have to let your mouth rest. You should not be talking non-stop; you must also avoid excessive chewing or even drinking shortly after your oral surgery.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and munch on soft food first.

When the bleeding finally stops, you may start keeping yourself hydrated with cold clear liquids. Although you’re fine to eat the usual meals, you must introduce soft foods first so as to not aggravate the surgery site. This means you can’t immediately have chicken salad no matter how healthy it is as it may disturb your newly operated gums.

  • Skip toothbrush, rinsing or spitting.

Remember to skip toothbrush for at least a day. You should also not rinse your mouth or spit as all these might just aggravate your stitched-up site.

The Bottom Line

It’s important for you to be with a dentist who will guide you all throughout your wisdom extraction journey; dentists such as those coming from will make sure you’re well taken care of before, during and after oral surgeries.


Essential Tips to Manage A Cough: Productive and Nonproductive

annoying cough at night

As much as we want to be healthy all the time; there are inevitable moments when we’re caught by colds, flu, allergies, etc. Of course, a few coughs here and there does not really bother us; but when it’s the type that disturbs us at night in the middle of our sleep or disrupts our relaxation time, it could get really so annoying. Of course, not all coughs are the same; there are actually different types of coughs and these are the following:

Types of Cough

  • Acute vs. Chronic

When people experience coughing for less than 3 weeks, that is referred to as acute coughing. However, when your cough starts to last 8 or more weeks, that is referred to as a chronic cough. Chronic coughing is more common for obese people and females.

  • Dry vs. Chesty

When people cough and no mucus comes out, that is what we call as a dry cough. Although the throat is inflamed, there is no mucus that was produced; hence, dry cough is also referred to as non-productive cough. On the other hand, chesty cough occurs when mucus or phlegm is present usually due to an infection.

Tips in Dealing with a Cough

  • Find out the cause.

The most important thing to do when your cough is just horrible is to try to determine what is causing it. Knowing the cause is the only way to actually get rid of it for good and not only temporarily especially if the causes are underlying health issues such as asthma, allergies or side effects of medications.

  • Always be hydrated.

When you cough, your throat is inflamed and irritated; a way to soothe this is by drinking lots and lots of water. For more effective soothing remedies, you may try out common home methods such as mixing honey and lemon with warm water or drinking herbal tea. These home remedies work well especially for dry coughs.

  • Take cough medicine.

Although cough drops aren’t really considered medicines since they do not really have any effect on the process of producing cough; it may still help in both types of cough by relaxing the throat. Over the counter cough syrups are usually taken as well to relieve cough. A common and effective cough syrup for dry cough is codeine; if you want to try codeine linctus you’ll need a great online pharmacy like Independent Pharmacy.

Other than cough drops and syrups, you may also want to try out some cough suppressants which may greatly help you relax more at night.

effective medicine for cough

  • Avoid irritants.

Pollutants such as dust, smoke, etc. may be prolonging our cough or making it worse; it would be best to avoid these things as much as possible if you want your cough to heal fast. You may avoid pollutants by wearing a mask whenever you go around in public.

  • Stop smoking.

Smoking is one of the many possible causes of dry coughs and cough, in general. And so, if you want to heal your cough, you must stop smoking or quit it, altogether.

  • Take steamy, hot showers.

The steam during your hot shower will help in your nasal secretions loosen up. This will also help you relax more and breathe better. Hot showers are good for coughs caused by colds.


Healthy Living: An Easy Guide on How to Keep Yourself Healthy

living a healthy life

With the advancement of technology, people are also becoming lazier and lazier. Home-cooked food are slowly getting out of the picture as McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast food chains are taking over. People rarely engage in physical exercises as well since playing sports using their smartphones and other gadgets pose a much easier fake alternative.

Today’s Lifestyle

Indeed, people are living a much less healthier lifestyle these days. In all honesty, people’s lifestyles today are far from being healthy. Food, alone,  are full of chemicals and are severely processed. In addition, people find it hard to exercise since work has taken all their time. The release of different gadgets are also not helping as people are getting addicted to these things.

Although not all people share the same unhealthiness, chances are you’re also guilty of some that were mentioned previously. Despite all of these things, there are still ways as to how you can bring back a healthier style in your everyday life.

The Guide

  • Eat healthy

Perhaps the most common health advice is to eat healthy. Simply, this means putting a halt on your trips to Wendy’s. By eating more fruits and vegetables, you are also improving your health. As much as possible, cut down on eating fried whatever; or if you do eat something fried, try to use a healthier alternative instead of vegetable oil.

  • Exercise daily

Studies have shown that exercising daily can help reduce the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. Other than this, daily exercise also improves memory and reduce inflammation in the body. Even spending 30 mins of physical exercises a day is already a great help.

Physical activities such as playing some sports is also good enough. For those who want a more fun activity, putting on some quad skates is one of the funnest ways to spend time outdoors while being able to physically exercise at the same time.

  • Get some rest

After a hard day at work or a long day from school, make sure you get some rest. Taking quick naps are effective or simply, resting on the bed while watching television or reading a book will also work well. As long as you are able to relax your mind and body, all is well.

tips in healthy living

  • Get enough sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. Generally, 7-8 hours of sleep is the ideal number to keep your spirits awake all throughout the day. Getting enough sleep will help you focus more on your work and it will keep you from being groggy all day.

  • Stop smoking and drink less

As much as possible, quit the unhealthy vices. Smoking will always be unhealthy and so, putting it into a complete stop would be the best option. However, if it’s too difficult, you may also start slow by cutting down the number of times you smoke. As for drinking alcoholic beverages, you may drink moderately.

  • Be positive

Overall, maintaining physical health also needs maintenance of mental health. By thinking positive and being positive, in general, a healthier lifestyle would definitely be easy to achieve. As an additional benefit,  positive thinking will also help get rid of the stress build up.


Signs to Watch Out For in the Dentist’s Clinic: How to Spot Bad Dentist

signs of a bad dentist

Our health is one of the most, if not the most, precious things we have to take care of in life. With that in mind, we strive hard to make sure we end up with the best doctors available in town.

Even when it comes to our oral health, we should never underestimate the decision the of choosing which dentists to go for. Luckily, there are great dental services in Anchorage.

Taking care of our oral or dental health is extremely important since our dental health dictates our ability to chew properly and smile beautifully. Truth be told, dental health may even affect our abilities to get a job or a romantic partner.

Because it is a must to choose the best dentist for us, there are several tips on how to attain the best decision. However, for this article, instead of looking at the good signs, we will be checking out the red flags potential patients need to watch out for when visiting a dental office or clinic.

The Red Flags

  • Does not educate the patient

Dentists who proceed with the procedures without even explaining why it’s needed or what will be done are not the best doctors available.

A good dentist should knowingly educate the patient in order for them to catch up on what is happening with regards to their dental health.

  • Using old technology

Dentists who still use old dental health technology are not really “bad” dentists. However, old technology may limit their ability to accurately diagnose.

For instance, digital x-rays can detect cavities that cannot be seen in old-fashioned radiographs. It may be wiser to choose a dentist with a more modern approach.

old dentistry technology

  • Not so hygienic

Dental clinics and offices should also be clean environments. Where the doctor and staffs stay speaks volume of the type of work they do.

Furthermore, you do not want to end up with a dentist who wears gloves while touching the sink and then proceeds to poke your mouth using the same pair.

  • Part-time seller of other products

Dentists are supposed to focus most on your oral health and so, if you end up with a dentist who sells vitamins, supplements, slimming teas, etc. while you are on his/her dental check-up chair, it’s not the best sign.

In addition, dentists should also never upsell procedures and products that are not needed. Keep in mind that you are looking for a good dentist and not a salesperson.

  • Too harsh on your mouth

No patient wants an insensitive dentist. The teeth and the entire mouth can be quite sensitive at times; this is why we want a dentist who is capable of taking care of our mouths without having to be too harsh during the procedures.

  • No follow-ups

Some dentists never even bother to ask you how you are doing after a procedure; this just shows that this type of dentist does not really care about his/her patient. It’s always best to stick with a dentist who does follow-ups to ensure you’re doing well after what you’ve been through.

The Bottom Line

Before choosing a dentist, get to know them first. Look them up using the internet and try to check out their websites. Moreover, you can also check out testimonials and reviews from previous patients so that you may have some ideas as to how the dentist handles his clients.